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Transform your data into actionable insights

Data is only meaningful if it is actionable.

We help clients in three ways:

Data Science

Develop sophisticated models and algorithms to solve complex problems and offer custom solutions

Data Integration

Integrate a wide variety of data sources using advanced statistical modelling to improve reliability of results

Research Consultancy

Design samples, recruitment strategies, measurement tools and surveys to aid business planning


dataBreeders is an information transformation agency

Giacomo Nottoli

Data Scientist

Giacomo is highly dynamic and keen to take on new digital challenges. He is passionate about technology.

Giacomo is a serial entrepreneur with experience in helping startups grow fast to reach scale as a co-founder and data scientist. His success in building people analytics and developing team management tools has had a significant impact on business growth and teams reaching peak performance.


He built custom predictive algorithms for team performance, mining HR data to create an evidence-based approach. He brings useful insights into the human psychology underlying data that help in designing human centric programs with higher presentability of successful outcomes. 

Andrea Mezzasalma

Founder & CEO

Andrea has over 30 years’ experience in designing, building and running new data science tools and systems.


His background of successful innovation in audience, market and media research, includes segmentation and targeting tools that have been widely adopted by the international media and advertising community.

Andrea developed several measurement systems including the world-first nation-wide GPS-based outdoor currency Audiposter, the multi-media portable meter Eurisko Media Monitor, as well as Sky Italia’s SmartPanel.

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